the heart of hiro.

All hiros have a quest. Our vision is to foster a spirit of abundance and generosity in all aspects of the creative industry.

our goals.

client / brand (self)awareness

We guide you on a path to clarity and confidence in your core identity. Self-actualized brands are set up to realize their potential and build deeper connections with their audience.

company / DEIB

We are committed to addressing the severe disparities that exist in the creative industry. Our goal is to reflect the diversity of the audiences we serve by investing in and developing young, underrepresented talent.

culture / abundance mindset

We believe in creative surplus. Innovation and imagination thrives on abundance, not scarcity. There is enough time, talent, and work to have a balanced lifestyle and experience creative freedom.

career / development

We’re your foot in the door. No matter what your background, you are welcome here. We value the potential of emerging multidisciplinary creatives, and empower them to build the next generation of brands.


It’s in our name—hiro means abundant, generous, and prosperous. We embody these ideals through our mission to democratize access to the creative industry and to design brands for companies who care.

our founder.

rachel yoo / president

With an unconventional background in management consulting, design, and production, Rachel partners with clients to drive business with lasting brands. Her passion for people, strategy, and communication has consistently inspired her career in client services for more than twenty years. She has been recognized for her work with large, complex, omnichannel campaigns, where her commitment to solving problems and telling meaningful stories comes alive. Previous clients include NBCUniversal, Nasdaq, TVOne, BBC Worldwide and the Asia Society. She holds a B.S. in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia and an M.S. in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in New York City.

previous work

not all hiros wear capes.