overcoming an identity crisis

After 20 years, C4K needed a refreshed brand identity to accurately represent its evolved offerings and current personality.


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branded content

from y2k to c4k

futureproofing for the next 20 years.

C4K was founded in 1999 to provide access to computers in the Charlottesville community. Fast forward to 2019, C4K shifted to being a safe and creative space for students to learn STEAM skills after school. While "Computers4kids" no longer applied, the name C4K had enough recognition and equity to launch their modern brand identity.


a growing community

STEAM learning symbolized.

C4K’s dynamic makerspace engages students with individualized project-based STEAM learning. As symbols of these building blocks of education, geometric shapes are the fundamental components of the custom-drawn logo letterforms. The friendliness of the rounded corners and the extended 4 and K reaching into brighter futures emphasize C4K’s welcoming community and inspired growth. Dynamic colors and gradients activate the brand identity, embodying the spirit and creativity of the organization.


final logo

“hiro was able to help us not only have a fresh new look, but also do a much better job at communicating to all of our stakeholders who we are and what we do.”

Kala Somerville
Executive Director, C4K

solidarity, not charity

here for [you]th.

As an organization speaking to a wide, diverse audience, C4K’s tone of voice was vital to their brand identity. Through close collaboration, we worked with C4K to vet language with key stakeholders and subject-matter experts. The priority was to avoid potential pitfalls, such as sounding like a “White Savior” or patronizing the youth members by calling them “kids.” The visual and verbal identity work together to represent education by using smart wordplay and definitions as graphic art. The final result—the tagline “for [youth]”—encapsulates in one phrase both being in favor of the youth members as well as C4K’s tailored learning experience.

icons for everything

building the blocks for brand love.

C4K’s logo was deconstructed to generate a modular library of icons for key words in their marketing and social content. By simplifying the mark into its basic parts, the graphic system can grow with C4K's communication needs. Bright gradients are uniquely applied to highlight shape and meaning. STEAM symbols come to life against the subtle application of their associated word in the background.

Full S[TEAM] Ahead

sum of the parts greater than the whole.

The playful symbology and enthusiastic brand voice invite C4K’s audience to engage at every brand touchpoint. From swag to newsletters to social, the new C4K is a thumb-stopper that will never get old.