making money moves

As a cutting-edge fintech startup, cellfunds needed to tell their story in an approachable, friendly way to a global audience.


art & creative direction






social media design & campaigns


branded content

a global mission

connecting currency and supporting families.
cellfunds wants global communities to economically and financially thrive. By making multicurrency wallets accessible to the unbanked and donating 1% of sales back to global charities, cellfunds supports communities local and worldwide every time they send money across borders. Building on their existing logo, a full brand identity was developed to tell the story of this important mission.

money talks

finding purpose in your voice.
The new tagline, “Money that moves you,” captures the two core value propositions in a nutshell—faster money transfers across borders and giving money back to impact communities in need. To build a community with a multicultural audience, every copy touchpoint must embrace a tone of warmth, directness, and clarity, from the tagline to website language.

"It’s truly been our pleasure to have an ongoing partnership with the hiro team. Instead of trying to give us a one-size-fits-all solution, they invested in understanding our product and creatively communicating it."

Brent Galbreath
COO, cellfunds

a goldie standard

putting a face to a name.
Goldie, our custom-drawn brand mascot, personifies the service-oriented nature of cellfunds. Designed to represent international currency, she is a global citizen and friend that welcomes new customers into the world of digital wallets. From assisting with money transfers to wearing a mask in a public setting, Goldie embodies how cellfunds cares about our community.


representing remittance

developing cellfunds’ brand identity.
Derived from the logo, cellfunds’ graphic library of rounded forms, curved paths, and arrows establishes a visual language of connectivity, speed, and ease. The energetic color palette is a fresh take on the traditional finance blue, as cellfunds leads the way into the future of banking.