the pipelines problem

Pipelines needed a new identity that articulated the boldness of their vision and truly represented the significance and impact of their work.


logo design


brand strategy




art & creative direction


site design & implementation

paving the way

positioning pipelines as a leader in DE&I.

The heart of Pipelines' mission is to connect underrepresented talent to job and training opportunities in creative, tech, and entertainment industries. Pipelines opens direct lines of communication to underrepresented talent, so companies can take tangible steps toward an inclusive and diverse workforce.


logo exploration

path to pipelines

expressing the pipelines’ promise.

The new logo design is the visual symbol of Pipelines as an accessible pathway between talent and companies. One fluid line illustrates the path Pipelines provides for talent to advance their careers. The logo is a bold and clean mark for the power and clarity Pipelines brings to a complex problem.

final logo


"hiro did an amazing job of collaborating with us; the team listened to us and supported us, and then was able to visually communicate our mission and ideals. Their perspective helped us capture our potential as a brand."

Shari Holly
Director of Operations, Pipelines

bold is the name of the game

an inspiring, confident tone.

An optimistic and powerful voice reflects the weight of the challenge Pipelines poses to the corporate world. “Changemakers” are called to action with volunteer opportunities to invest in underrepresented talent. Companies “Powered by Pipelines” make the commitment to change.

polished & premium

a modern, sophisticated style for a tech brand.

As the main touchpoint for the general audience, the Pipelines site needed to reflect their cutting-edge app designed for young talent and industry leaders. The new dark palette serves as a bold, contrasted backdrop for the new, brighter hero purple to pop. The minimalist black and white editorial style elevates the user experience to reflect their premium brand.